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"Let us be protectors of creation...one another and of

                                                                     the environment"


                                                                                                                    -Pope Francis 
Regi-Notre Dame
Profile-PicRT @rndsc15: It's the big day! Good luck Gill, Ginny, Donnan, Denver, Myra, Ryan, Josh, Matt, Bryan, Mady and Suha! #TownHall2016 #YourVote
Profile-PicRT @rndsc15: Last Day of Winter Uniform today, Town Hall Today, and SPRING UNI MONDAY! Woohoo!
Profile-PicRT @RegiMHA: Time is running out to enter our video contest. Submissions due Friday! Help end the stigma!
Profile-PicAlso a reminder that today is the last day of Campaigning! Town Hall is tomorrow, don't forget to vote! 🗳✔️
Profile-PicMental Health Awareness week is May 2nd-6th! Here's what's going on around the school to raise awareness! https://t.co/fdmHEV0HXd
Profile-PicRT @rndsc15: 1 more day of campaigning until Town Hall!!!

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